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How do I edit apps in my kit?

To edit an app in your kit, start by click the menu with three vertical dots kit menu icon in the upper-right corner of your kit. Then click Edit App in the menu.

kit with menu open

All app icons in the kit will now show a pencil icon in the corner. Click the icon of the app you wish to edit.

kit with edit icon on app

On the setup page, you can edit the Kits Display Name and the view permissions for the app. After making your edits, click the Save & Add to Kit button.

kit with edit page open

Your kit should now show any display name edits to the app on your kit.

kit with edits

Changes in permissions can be checked by using the View As Student option under the vertical three dot menu (will not verify permission changes from Instructors + Assistants to Just me).

View as student option

Learn more about the View as Student feature in Kits.